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A black duck is a type of waterfowl. It belongs to the category of birds and specifically falls under the species Anas rubripes, commonly known as the American black duck.

Origin and Evolution

The black duck, scientifically known as Anas rubripes, is a species of dabbling duck native to eastern North America. It evolved from Mallards and introduced interracial breeding, resulting in its distinct appearance. Conservation efforts are important in preserving its population as hybridization with Mallards threatens its genetic integrity.

Distribution and Habitat

Black ducks are primarily found along the eastern coast of North America, from Newfoundland to Florida. They inhabit a variety of wetland habitats including marshes, ponds, rivers, and estuaries. Their distribution may change seasonally as they migrate to different regions for breeding or wintering purposes.


The behaviour of black ducks is characterized by their shy and cautious nature. They are often found in wetlands, marshes, and lakes, where they forage for food by diving and dabbling. These ducks are highly social and typically form large flocks during migration.


The diet of black ducks consists mainly of plant matter, including submerged aquatic vegetation, seeds, and grains. Additionally, they may consume insects, mollusks, and small fish. They forage by dabbling in shallow water or grazing on land.


Black ducks typically breed in freshwater marshes, swamps, or wooded swamps near lakes and rivers. The female builds a well-concealed nest on the ground, usually near water, where she lays about 6-11 eggs. The eggs hatch after approximately 24-28 days, and the ducklings leave the nest shortly after hatching.

Intelligence and Learning

Black ducks are intelligent birds with a remarkable ability to learn. They quickly adapt to new environments, remember complex migration routes, and exhibit problem-solving skills. Their intelligence aids in foraging, navigation, and social interactions, making them resilient and highly adaptable species.

Relationship with Humans

The black duck, being a wild species, does not typically establish direct relationships with humans. However, humans play a role in the conservation efforts of the black duck population, ensuring their habitats are protected and preserved, thus indirectly impacting their survival.


The culture of the black duck is deeply rooted in its natural habitat and survival techniques. Their ability to adapt to different environments, their distinct mating rituals and their communal behavior in flocks make them unique and fascinating creatures.

Weight: Minimum to Maximum

The minimum weight of a black duck typically ranges from 1.5 to 2 pounds (0.68 to 0.9 kilograms), while the maximum weight can reach up to 3.5 pounds (1.6 kilograms).

Dimension: Minimum to Maximum

The black duck typically measures around 20-26 inches in length, with a height of about 18-23 inches and a wingspan of 35-39 inches. These measurements can slightly differ depending on various factors such as age, gender, and geographical location.

Favorite Food

The favorite food of the black duck is a variety of aquatic plants, seeds, insects, and small crustaceans, which they forage for in wetlands and shallow waters.

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