Top 10 Black Rat Snakes Facts

– The black rat snake is a nonvenomous species of snake found in North America.

– They are typically found in wooded or rocky areas, and are known for their ability to climb trees.

– They are also common around farms and outbuildings, as they feed on rodents such as rats and mice.

– They can grow to be quite large, with some individuals reaching over 6 feet in length.

– Black Rat Snakes are considered beneficial as they help control rodent population.

– They have glossy black scales that gives them their name.

– They are known for their docile nature and are not typically aggressive towards humans.

– They are a constrictor snake, meaning they kill their prey by suffocating them

– They hibernate in the winter, typically in rock crevices, mammal burrows or hollow trees.

– They are also considered a threatened species in some areas due to habitat loss and over collection for the pet trade.

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