Top 7 Brown Tree Snake

– The Brown Tree Snake is native to the islands of the western Pacific Ocean, including parts of Indonesia, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea.

– It is a nocturnal, arboreal snake that can grow to be up to 10 feet in length.

– The snake is known for its aggressive behavior, and can be dangerous to humans if cornered or threatened.

– In the late 1940s, the Brown Tree Snake was accidentally introduced to the island of Guam, likely as a stowaway on cargo ships.

– Since then, the snake has had a devastating impact on the local ecosystem, causing the extinction of several native bird species and reducing the population of others.

– The snake is also a major threat to the island’s power grid, as it is known to climb power lines and cause outages.

– The snake is considered an invasive species and efforts are being made to control its population on Guam, including the use of snake-sniffing dogs and the release of predators such as the Micronesian mongoose.

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